Super Trust Master Rewards (STMR) are rewards from units that have been awakened to 7★. They can be obtained by increasing their Super Trust Master percentage to 100%. You can fuse units that are identical to your 7★ base unit to increase its Super Trust Master percentage. Please note that this percentage cannot be increased through battles, expeditions, or by fusing normal trust moogles to the base unit.

The percentage value that can be obtained from units used as fusion materials varies according to the unit's rarity as seen below:
・ When fusing a 5★ identical unit: +50%
・ When fusing a 6★ identical unit: +50%
・ When fusing a 7★ identical unit: +100%
*Fusing identical units to your 7★ base unit will increase its Super Trust Master percentage regardless of whether or not you've obtained that unit's Trust Master Reward.

・ You can obtain special bonuses when you fuse an identical unit to a particular 7★ base unit for the very first time.
・ Bonus rewards for any particular 7★ base unit can be obtained only once.・ You can also use Super Trust Moogle (ALL) or unit-specific trust moogles to increase a unit's Super Trust Master percentage.
・ Whenever bonus rewards qualify as obtainable, you will be notified after the fusion results screen. Bonus rewards can then be claimed from your in-game gift box.
     If you are fusing a 7★ unit with 100% STMR to a 7★ base unit, the latter's Super Trust Master percentage will not increase.

・Fusing identical Neo Vision (NV) units will not affect a unit's STMR percentage. STMRs for NV units can be obtained only through EX awakenings or by fusing a general STMR Moogle to them.