There are different kinds of status ailments:

Poison - Deals 10% damage to the target every turn. This can be cured by poisona or with an antidote.

Blind - Reduces the target’s accuracy, causing physical attacks to miss. This can be cured using eye drops or by casting blindna.

Sleep - Renders the target incapable of taking any action. Magic damage will not awaken it but a physical attack will. This can also be removed by casting esuna.

Silence - Afflicted unit is incapable of casting magic spells. Using items such as echo herbs, remedy or casting esuna will remove this.

Paralyze - Units under paralysis are incapable of taking any action, rendering them open to all kinds of attacks. Casting esuna, paralyna or using a remedy can remove this ailment.

Confuse - Causes a target to randomly attack foes and allies. This can be removed by hitting them with a physical attack, by casting esuna, or by using a Remedy.

Disease - Lowers the stats of a unit by 10% and can be combined with break abilities such as power break or magic break. A diseased unit can be cured with a vaccine.

Stone - A petrified unit is rendered immobile for the rest of the battle. If the entire party has been petrified, the game is over. Petrified enemies are instantly KO’ed. This can be cured by casting stona using a gold needle.