The (Dimensional) Vortex is an in-game feature where you can challenge various dungeons and obtain rewards. See below for more details about each tab:

Event - Special events that change regularly and are announced beforehand via in-game news and other social network channels.

Enhance - Contains chambers where you can gain experience, seek materials for awakening units and abilities, and more.

Special - Contains various quests that merit special rewards. Under this tab, you can access the following:

• Training the Soul - Unit-set equipment quests which award exclusive equipment for Rain, Lasswell, and Fina. You can only bring the original story characters (Rain, Lasswell, Fina, Nichol, Lid, Jake, and Sakura) to clear the dungeons, and other versions of the units cannot be included in your party (i.e Dracu Lasswell, Demon Rain, White Witch Fina, etc).

• Short Stories - You can view tales of the main characters during the events of the main story. Complete the quests to unlock new abilities for the respective unit.

• Room of Recollection - You can revisit/view cutscenes from the story quests that you've cleared.

Nemeses - Contains trials with powerful monsters that will test your abilities. These trials require a proper party and strategy to overcome, but give great rewards. This tab contains areas such as the following:

• Chamber of the Fallen - Battle boss monsters.

• Chamber of Arms - Bring up to 10 units to battle monsters and earn powerful equipment.

• Series Boss Battles - Battle prominent antagonists from different FF series.

• Chamber of the Vengeful - Challenge global original trials.

Challenges - Contains various challenges to obtain awakening materials for Neo Visions and Brave Abilities.