Raids are in-game events where players battle to obtain points to get various individual and competitively ranked rewards by fighting the featured raid boss. Here, you will also get raid coins by fighting the raid boss, which can be used for limited time raid summons.

To fight the raid boss, one raid orb will be used. You will gain one orb per hour, for a maximum of five orbs. Orbs can be refreshed with 100 lapis or by ranking up. You will obtain event points and coins (10% of points) by fighting the raid boss. The amount of points gained is based on the stage, the boss's global level, and the amount of damage dealt to it. Defeating the boss is not required but doing so will net you the maximum amount of points, coins and experience.

The raid boss will have a global level and HP displayed within the vortex. This level indicates a bonus point multiplier (+8%/level) that will be applied to points gained from each boss fights. Anyone on the server can contribute to this by fighting the raid boss. This takes into account damage dealt to his overall HP, and overkilling is not necessary. Once its overall HP is depleted, the boss's level will go up and a few hours will be added to the timer. If the entire server is unable to kill it before time runs out, its level will decrease by one and the timer will reset. Keep in mind that this boss level has no impact on the raid boss itself, and the fight's difficulty will remain unchanged.

Rewards vary depending on the featured boss, units, etc.