Limit bursts, or LB, are unique abilities available to each unit in the game.

LB fall into four different categories:

- Support (those which heal the party or increase the party's parameters)
- Drain (those which inflict the enemy with status ailments)
- Damage (those which allow the unit to perform a powerful attack)
- Other (those which do not belong to the aforementioned types, or consist of a combination of other LB types)

During battle, each unit has an LB gauge that fills up by absorbing burst stones dropped by enemies when they are damaged by any type of attack. Once the LB gauge is full, the player can use a limit burst by flicking the unit's window to the ability list, and setting it as the action to be taken by the unit.

Each unit has a limit burst level that can be maxed out to increase the limit burst's effectiveness. The maximum LB level that can be reached is 25 for 6★ units (30 for 7★). Every time a unit uses a limit burst, its experience bar goes up by one point. It can also be increased by fusing LB pots to any given unit.