Expeditions allow you to send units on quests to bring back treasure. An expedition has to be funded with Gil and requires a party of up to 5 units who will be made unavailable for a specified period of time. Units sent on an expedition cannot be used in normal battle until they return nor can they be strengthened via fusion, though they can be used in the Arena and Colosseum. Up to 4 expeditions may be running at the same time.

Each expedition is ranked by difficulty:

D > C > B > A > S

Higher ranks require a higher number of more powerful units to complete. Each unit adds to the party's success rate, the total of which indicates the likeliness that an expedition will succeed. To increase the success rate, you can use certain types of units and/or consume specific items as defined by the expedition. Should you decide to speed things up, Advance Tokens can be used. Take note that cancelling the expedition will recall all of your units but the Gil spent will not be refunded.