The following updates have been made:

- Added new feature "Master's Card" for enabling 7★ units to equip Vision Cards.

- Added new enhancement unit "Emperor Gigantuar" for enhancing units past Lv. 120.

- Added new enhancement unit "Eraser Gigantuar" for reversing units past Lv. 120 and reobtaining Emperor Gigantuar(s).

- Changes to weapon damage calculation.

- Changes to jump damage for two-handed weapons.

- Simplified requirements for awakening units, allowing players to awaken units without reaching maximum level and NV awaken units without reaching 100% super trust mastery.

- Changes to score calculation formula in Dark Visions for damage received, removing score penalty when total damage received is below 5000.

- Added in-battle display of additional monster information.

- Separated mailbox UI into several pages. Added special effect which appears when units and certain items are received from mailbox.

- Added "Craft" button to item page and "Enhance Espers" button to unit page for easier access.

- Combined unit fragment and prism conversion tabs into a single tab, allowing for easier conversion.

Here is the link for the In-game Announcement