We have the Welcome Login Bonus set up for our new players, which consists of multiple rewards to be given for 15 days following the starting date of the account's creation.

Day 1
Guaranteed NV Summon Ticket II x1

Day 2
NV EX Ticket (3★/4★/5★/NV) x2

Day 3
King Metal Minituar (Max Lvl) x50

Day 4
NV EX Ticket (5★/NV) x1

Day 5
Gil x10,000,000

Day 6
NRG Restore 10 x200

Day 7
5★ Beginner's Select Ticket x2

Day 8
Expansion Voucher x20

Day 9
NV EX Ticket (4★/5★/NV) x2

Day 10
Guaranteed Ticket (4★/5★/NV) x2

Day 11
Various King Pots

Day 12
5★ Trust Moogle (All 10%) x20

Day 13
Guaranteed Ticket (5★/NV) x2

Day 14
5★ Select Summon Ticket x40

Day 15
Lapis x5000

NOTE: You need to log in every day for 15 days (consecutively) to get all the rewards. If you miss a login, the system will continue to sequentially count your logins once you are back, but you will be unable to claim all the reward(s) from the campaign.