Convenience Store Payment Method

1. Make a purchase in-game.
2. Select the option for convenience store payment.
3. Settle the payment at the applicable convenience store.
4. The items will reflect on the account once payment has been confirmed, and a receipt from Google Play will be generated.
5. If the purchased items are not received after 72 hours following the payment, please note that the purchase/transaction will be automatically canceled. Kindly contact Google Play immediately for further assistance.

*Convenience store payment is available for certain convenience stores only in certain areas.

Parental Control Payment Method

1. Make a purchase in-game.
2. A payment permission request notification will be sent to the parent's device.
3. Purchase will proceed when parental approval is confirmed.
4. Player will receive items after logging in anew once the payment is successful.
5. Please note that players may not immediately receive the purchased items following payment due to time lag.

*Parental Control is available only in certain areas.