This announcement is to notify and update players about our unit and item restoration policy.

The team currently has a restoration policy for units and items that have been accidentally sold or converted.

The applicable cases are as follows:
- Units sold or converted to fragments or prisms (Note: In the case of converted units, the converted unit's prism/fragments/transcension pearl/ascension pearl must still be in the player's possession in order to be eligible for unit restoration. Said items will be removed upon restoration.)
- Sold equipment or abilities

The restoration policy is not applicable in the following cases:
- When the prisms, fragments, transcension pearls, ascension pearls, etc. obtained through unit conversion have already been used to awaken another unit and are no longer in the player's account
- Units that have been exchanged for trust coins

Restoration requests will also have the following limitations:
- Restoration is granted only once per account, and future restoration requests will not be granted
- Only requests filed within three months of the accidental loss will be processed
- The number of units and/or items that can be processed at a time is limited to ten

To ensure a quick response to your inquiry, please provide the following information when contacting Customer Support:
- Your Player ID
- The date the unit or item was sold or converted
- Exact name of the unit or item
- The rarity of the sold or converted unit

We are now happy to announce that, in celebration of the anniversary, we have reset the once-per-account limit, and users who have previously used this service are once again able to make a restoration request.

Please note that this service is intended for units and items that were converted or sold accidentally, and should not otherwise be used.

For further assistance, kindly reach out to our FFBE Customer Support team via the in-game support function, or send a message through the following link:

Please note that there may be some delays in processing requests made immediately following the announcement, due to an increased volume of inquiries. Please be assured that the team will do its best to respond in a timely manner.

Thank you very much for your understanding.