1.) Account is currently linked to Facebook, I want to switch to Google Login

- On the Login Page>Tap Login Option>Login via Facebook first to load your account.
To switch your account binding option, follow the steps below:
- Tap "Menu" then Options > Account Binding
- Tap the "Change Binding" button, then a pop up will display the available services for binding your account.

Note: If you directly use Google Option on the Login Page this will create a new account since no game save has been loaded in your account yet.

2.) New Users
- As a new user,you will have 1 chance to use either of the 2 binding service, make sure to double check your account details to avoid inconvenience.

3) Facebook Log-out not available in the game

- Facebook Logout is not available in the game with the new binding system. Right now, the only way to login with another user is to reinstall the game.

4) Account linked to Facebook but used the Google on the initial login and created a new account

- This created a new account since no game save yet has been loaded in your account. With this, kindly reinstall the game and choose the Facebook Login Option to load your previous game account, however, you will not be able to rebind your Facebook account to the google account you started with (since it now contains a new account). If you wish to still change bind to Google you will be needing a new Google account..

5.) Guest Account Users (for users that are using Guest Account before the game update)

-In the Login Screen Option> Choose "None" and this should retrieve your saved guest data.
-In the event that you can no longer retrieve your guest account. Kindly send us a ticket report with the following details:

Player ID:
Account Name:
Account Rank:
Date account created:
Last login date :
Device model and OS:
Squad leader:
Units in your squad:
Profile info message:
Country / Region:
Order Number/Order ID, Amount, and Date of Purchase (if you have game purchase):