• Pop up warning of "Existing Account Data" before loading a bound account will not appear again after cancelling the login attempt once.
  • Scrolling banners on the top right corner in the game are not displaying correctly.
  • Incorrect language being displayed on Login Option screen.
  • Banner on top of the Vortex is not displaying correctly.
  • Bundle prices not displaying correctly.
  • Some of the news are not displaying properly.
  • "Go" button is disabled for some of the daily quests.
  • App force closes when accessing the Colosseum for users who have completed all levels prior.
  • Minor visual, text and language issues.
Please note that restarting the application once should fix some of these display issues.

Players are advised to record down their Player ID and Inquiry ID before any binding attempts to help with account recovery in case of any problems.

We are currently working on these issues and will be fixed in the next app versions. Any other issues will be addressed soon afterwards.